ZNM Performance N54 Motor Build & ST Conversion

Nov 13, 2016
Pompton Lakes, NJ
Hey SpoolStreet! This is Matt @ ZNM Performance here. We are full service European Performance shop based out of Pompton Lakes in gorgeous Northern NJ. From OEM parts to Aftermarket parts, we can obtain about ANYTHING. Our online store is going live soon. For any inquires in the meantime, call 973-545-2727. My work cell is 973-493-2886, feel free to shoot me a text. Email is [email protected]. Or feel free to stop by the shop. 19 Cannonball Rd, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442.

Here at ZNM we zone in on the N54/N54/S55/S65. To make a long story short, we have our shop car (also my personal car) sitting at 175,000 (original day one) miles. Made the decision to go single turbo, but not worth messing around with original motor. We have our donor motor (09 N54 w ~70k) currently being torn down. Every single internal component is going to be upgraded. Closed deck, Port injection, LPFP, rear Diff, axles, clutch etc etc etc. PLEASE do not ask about specifics yet. We are still working with some manufacturers who are still in the process of finalizing products yet to be released to the public. We will release specs on the build including the turbo soon. No expense/obstacle will stand in our way. 1,000 hp is the goal. Also, please remember, we are team of four @ ZNM. Our clients builds come first. If we take a while to update or move on the project, its because we are busy.

For now, feast your eyes on some teardown pics.

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned!