xHP Review


Apr 19, 2017
335i e93
I installed xHP and used Stage 3 settings mated with my Propulsive Dynamics tranny unit and M Factory LSD.

Before install, with stock PD settings, the car drove stock OE - but very smooth shifting and rock solid. You could have some fun as it was better than OE stock.

After Stage 3, the car shifts extremely quick...almost like a Dual Clutch. It was night and day...and it will require you to be on your toes in awareness and reflexes. Overall driving was vastly quicken and more violent if you chose to be violent in driving. If there is such a thing as "good violence" this would be the case.

For the love of the gods... do yourself a favor and buy a cable from BimmerGeeks. Don't even mess around with any of those cheaper eBay or amazon cables. They are cheap for a reason.

xHP kept crashing when I used my old amazon cable...I thought it was some incompatibility issue with my TCU. When I finally used a BimmerGeeks cable...the exact point of crashing just zipped right through without a moment's hesitation. AND it was so fast!!! The cable took initial install time down from 20 mins to less than 8 mins!

Overall, a big giant resounding YES to xHP. Highly recommended.