xhp flashtool

  1. matreyia

    xHP Review

    I installed xHP and used Stage 3 settings mated with my Propulsive Dynamics tranny unit and M Factory LSD. Before install, with stock PD settings, the car drove stock OE - but very smooth shifting and rock solid. You could have some fun as it was better than OE stock. After Stage 3, the car...
  2. BimmerGeeks!

    BimmerGeeks Pro K+DCAN cable

    PRO BMW CABLES from BimmerGeeks.Net! BimmerGeeks solely guarantees your cable works the first time, and every time. Whether your looking to use the basics of Inpa, Ncs, Ista or other popular softwares or whether your looking to flash those modules that they say you cant flash with a Kdcan...
  3. RayBan

    Ad: xHP Flashtool: Official thread - ZF6HP TCU Flash

    xHP Flashtool is the worldwide first and complete Tuning-Solution for your BMW with ZF6HP automatic transmission. After 1.5 years of community driven development and some more 6 months and thousand of additional development hours, we are proud to announce the first all-in-one solution for BMW...