Wheel weights


Mar 16, 2018
I have been having trouble on track days losing wheel balancing weights, the kind that are put on with double sided tape by the tire installer. I always lay down duct tape over the weights as a safety measure. I never had a problem before my Z4. The duct tape now gets cooked along with the weight mounting tape from the heat of the 330x30 brake rotors. I had to end a session last night because I could feel the imbalance in the tire. I thought it was rubber picked up on the tire but it was a tossed weight. Can anyone suggest a brand and type of weights with high temperature capability? Also what type and brand of tape should I put over the weights as a back up to keep them on?


May 25, 2018
they have the clamp on weights don't they? There must be a simple solution as you can't be the 1st person with this problem.
Ive never seen what youre talking about, unless you mean the ones you tap on with a hammer. But those are really meant for steel wheels w/ hubcaps or wheels with lips you dont care about. But some dont have lips, the face is smooth. Maybe if you static balance and use the inside lip if applicable.
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