S55 What's the process to obtain a S55 M4 GTS or better M4 GT4 virgin .bin file?


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Oct 11, 2017
Melbourne, Australia
BMW 335i Coupe (E92) N54 TT
I am embarking on the journey of self-tuning my own M4 myself (I did something similar with my old N54 many years ago), so I am looking for the highest power factory tune bin file, M4 GTS or M4 GT4 (race car), and then I'll build my own tune upon it.

We did a similar thing in the N54 days, where we always started from the PPK (IJE0S) or 1M (IKM0S) bin files as the base map, and then we gradually built on it.

I have a base M4 with the base map 317kW / 425hp, and would much rather start with a GTS or GT4 (S55 powered race car) bin if possible, than to start from the base map.

I know I'll need to turn off the DME checks in the GTS/GT4 bin, otherwise the car will be stuck in limp mode after flashing, because my car isn't actually a GTS/GT4... etc.

Thanks in advance.

P.s. I already have MHD Super Licence, and I have been using the GTS map for a few months now, and I like it. But now that I installed downpipes, Wagner TMIC, Wagner radiator kit (the 2 heat exchangers at the front), Wagner chargepipes, I'd like to push the engine more in the mid-range and top-end. I don't like any of the OTS maps, I use my car for track mainly, and the OTS maps shove in a mountain of torque from very low rpm, and make it hard to precisely control the power on corner exit. I'd much rather precise throttle control, than sledgehammer low-end torque approach of OTS maps.
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Oct 2, 2019
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With the older cars you can generate bin files from the BMW 0pa and 0da files. If you can find those for the GTS and GT4 then I can merge them into a bin files for you.

The newer cars probably don't use the same file names anymore but I expect them to do something similar with Intel hex data files.