VTT S55 Crank Bolt Capture

Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Worried about your S55 crank hub spinning? All the reports of spun hubs making you nervous about turning up the power and you'd like a little extra security that your S55 crank bolt won't back out leaving you with bent valves? Here is an easy and cost effective way to do that; the VTT S55 crank bolt capture. It slips over the head of the crank bolt, fully encapsulating it, and locks it to the crank hub. This means the bolt cannot back out -no matter what.

The VTT-S55-CBC is 100% Billet Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Anodized black to protect it from the elements, and give it a stealth look.

While this is not a full fix for all crank hub spinning issues, we have found most of our issues have stemmed from the bolt itself backing out, and this is a great way to keep that from happening. Extremely light weight at only 1.3 ounces, it adds virtually no weight to the crank which is important for balance and vibration purposes.

These are in stock, and on the VTT Website for immediate sale. Price is $99 for hub capture, and all 12.9 hardware needed for install. We suggest using blue loc-tite on your crank hub bolts. Pics are shown below (Note: The first few of the below pics are of the N54 crank bolt capture; the S55 has a different height, inner diameter for bolt head, 8 bolts instead of 6, etc. etc. The last 3 photographs are of the S55 version, actually taken by a dealership who installed it, under warranty, on a customer with a spun hub.)


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crank bolt 1.jpg
crank bolt 2.png
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Jun 5, 2017
07 335i MT
This is a must buy! We're doing heads and engines left and right on these things from the crank sprocket slippage. Super cheap insurance considering bmw is pulling their usual "you have aftermarket valve stem caps.. Not a warranty matter" bullshit