Expired VTT/Adaptronic M2000 ECU Upgrade: N54 Full Sequential control of Port Injection with up to 8 Injectors supported + HPFP, LPFP pump control

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Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Here is something we have been working on for a while, and it has been running in our shop car for about a year in various stages. We have slowly added more features and taken more control away from the factory DME with great success. (The earlier anti-lag video we posted was NOT using this for control, at that point we still have MHD doing everything.)


Currently, our car is running Sequential PI, full boost control using the factory solenoids, anti-lag with adjustable launch boost, boost by gear, LPFP activation based on boost, and a few other small things such as oil pressure, etc.

We could not be more happy with not only the ECU but the support we have received from Adaptronic through this entire process. the ECU is extremely easy to set up, fits in the DME box with no problem, the software is very user-friendly, and having on the fly adjustment, as well as not needing to have the key on the make changes is something you never really miss until you have it. Tony says he would never want to go back.

Availability is Q2 2019, but we can get some done for people earlier if needed. The ECU's are ready, we just need to make the harnesses, and we are slammed currently. Email us [email protected] for direct assistance.

This was the last graph taken with the setup. The car is getting a few more upgrades now and will be back on the road for some winter racing in the next month or two.


VTT / Adaptronic M2000 N54 ECU upgrade

A small list of available features:
  • Full Sequential control of Port Injection with up to 8 injectors supported
  • Multiple communication schemes available including Full wireless communication as well as standard USB
  • COMPLETE ON THE FLY/LIVE Control of the ECU, no turning the car off to flash. While running simply modify any table/settings you chose, and watch it take effect in real time. ECU is USB powered even when the key is off for tuning changes without powering everything such as fuel pumps, etc.
  • Full closed loop boost control with settings to allow DIRECT control of the factory solenoids No more boost target nannies
  • Full Drive by wire capabilities. No more throttle closures by DME nannies
  • Dual Built-in 4 bar map sensors, one for Imap, one for Emap. (External sensor can also be used)
  • Flex fuel capability allowing boost/ignition/fueling changes based on ethanol content
  • Dedicated secondary fuel maps for enrichment for such things as Anti-lag/launch control
  • Full control of Secondary HPFP using its own table
  • Full control of LPFP activation based on multiple settings
  • Full Closed-loop control of the PI if the DI system is to be deactivated
  • Fuel enrichment based on coolant, or IAT temps for cold start, ½ mile racing, etc.
  • Batch fire mode for cranking for people running High E85 mixtures in very cold weather

Full control of ignition if chosen. If ignition control is given to the ECU this enables
  • Dynamic 2-step control
  • Full launch control using multiple cut schemes
  • No Lift Shift
  • Anti-lag with a variety of schemes
  • Tunable dual knock sensors
  • Closed loop control for spark cut for shifting based on gear, and or Strain sensor
  • Nitrous control if needed
  • Full Closed loop boost control if using a single turbo, for one or two wastegates with any solenoid you choose
  • Traction control

The VTT/Adaptronic kit will come with wires populated, and cut for standard inputs.
  • RPM
  • ECT
  • IAT
  • MPH
  • Vacuum/Boost
  • TPS
  • Cam Position sensors for both Intake, and Exhaust
  • Crank Position Sensor
  • Clutch Switch

The VTT/Adaptronic kit will come with wires populated for Standard outputs
  • Full Sequential PI control, with dual map capability
  • Enrichment control based on various temps
  • Secondary HPFP

A small list of optional outputs
  • Full ignition control which unlocks many more features in the ECU
  • Flex fuel control with the ability to control boost/ignition/fueling based on ethanol content
  • Full closed loop boost control to get rid of the DME nannies that affect boost target
  • Full DBW throttle control get rid of the DME that close throttle when not wanted
  • NOS Control
  • Full control over LPFP’s
  • Traction control if multiple speed sensors are used
  • Pit Row speed control
  • 2-Step/NLS/Launch Control/Anti-Lag

Starting price for ECU, and harness $1600
Price includes a base map with most settings preconfigured for the N54. This means you are up, and running in no time. The harness is populated, and wired for standard inputs/outputs, with options to add more before we ship. All inputs connect with simple Posi-taps into the existing DME wires making wiring a breeze. Full wiring and installation instructions are included. The M2000 ECU fits right into the DME box.
This is a FULL Standalone capable of controlling everything on the N54 with ease, we are using a small percentage of its capabilities to give us real control over the extras such as PI, and Secondary HPFP.

US-based Tech support given by a US-based Adaptronic Distributor including phone support, and remote sessions. (Extra Cost may apply)

This is a SMALL list of the features the M2000 ECU can provide. For full information on the Adaptronic M2000 please follow this link.

Some Screenshots of the software interface


The Convert

Jun 4, 2017
Super interested to see how the tuners take to this product. The sequential pi is something I’ve been wanting for years.
Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Is there someone you've used or recommend for tuning this thing?

Any good tuner should be able to work with it, but thus far just work with Adaptronics themselves.

So this isnt a full standalone system, it runs with the stock dme?

This does not control DI. This ECU is a fully capable standalone on most platforms, it can control some DI schemes but not piezo, what we are using it for is basically an extremely powerful piggyback. Giving you complete control of many things including sequential PI control, boost control, throttle control, etc. DI stays in place and is controlled by the DME, this also allows the creature comforts to stay in place etc. Think of this as the same as people were doing with the Haltech ECU's but with many more features, a more powerful ECU, on the fly map changes, wireless connectivity etc. For the price, it blows everything else out of the water.


Nov 14, 2016
Clearwater, FL
07 E92 coupe
Could I just use this for PI and double HPFP's? And perhaps use this instead of boost box? And would throttle control be done thru connection to gas pedal like a sprint booster, or thru dme?


May 25, 2018
08 BMW e92
So would it benefit throwing in huge port injectors, running it standalone, and just leaving the DI there unhooked? Verse running it piggyback? If you would do piggy you still need to do a mhd tune for di and a adaptronic tune?

Im all for complete standalone, i loved my holley system. But if you did go standalone, would you lose your canbus and gauge functions, have random codes etc?
Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
I wouldn't -we like DI. It has some huge advantages over PI. That said this ECU is a very powerful tool that lets you do quite a bit. You really can implement it in many different ways. We're all for pushing the platform and using the best tools to do so, but at some point rather than asking what's possible, I recommend you have a clear goal which then you can work towards.


Oct 3, 2018
2007 E92 335i
Does this have a traction control system? I know Syvecs has an ignition based system along with a fuel cut. Is this comparable in any way? Taking into consideration this looks to be quite a bit cheaper...


Apr 19, 2017
335i e93
  1. Have you combined this unit with the PM4 LPFP unit to see if they get along harmoniously?
  2. So a tuner would have to also have the software to make tables for this unit and I would have to have the software to upload it to the unit on my end during tuning?
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