Fuel system upgrade - Secondary LPFP wiring questions?..


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May 25, 2018
Melbourne, Australia
E90 335i Msport
I'm changing over from a single walbro setup to dual pumps with -8 lines, inline filter etc. The setup ive got is:

Radium FHST with dual AEM340 pumps - http://www.radiumauto.com/Fuel-Hanger-Surge-Tank-BMW-P1542.aspx
Burger Motorsport Fuel Pump Controller - https://burgertuning.com/products/fuel-pump-controller-fpc
DWMicro series 210lph low pressure lift pump (in standard pump hanger) - https://deatschwerks.com/collections/fuel-pumps/products/9-110-1058

I'm planning to wire it up like this...
Screen Shot 2023-01-29 at 2.27.20 am.png

The AEM 340 draws 15A, the DWMicro draw 3.5A - Will a max 18.5A current draw on the EKP be allgood? Should I be adding some cooling?

Where should I pickup the 12v source for the BMS FPC from? I figure this needs to be ignition ON and will be a bit over 15A draw.

Is using the 0-5v MAP sensor output my only/best option for the reference signal?

Any suggestions where I should mount the BMS FPC, route the extra wires, make the splices or do any of this better would be appreciated!!

cheers, Jim
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