Ad: VS - N54 Catch Can Breather System


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Oct 19, 2016
N54 135i & N54 335i
Since we have been on the topic lately here is a great off the shelf solution for the community, the 3rd port on the side of the can is used for VTA but can be used for vacuum pump or even exhaust venturi. This system deletes pcv completely eliminated the weak link. This kit also plugs your head ports with the use of the pcv delete fitting that also has a 8an at the end of it .

Plug n Play for 1 and 3 series n54! working on n55 kit as we speak



Jul 3, 2018
E92 335i
let me know if you have any questions
Omar, I actually do have a few quick questions too. I currently have a high side setup based off of your older system (vented from the head port with filter top can) but modified a bit to keep the low side recirculating with no issues. I do have a VTT aluminum VC going on soon though so I know I'll need to redo at least parts of my system and figure cleaning things up a bit might be nice too.

1.) Do you have any vented/filtered top cans left over, and/or any pictures of the baffling inside? I have an Amazon 1L can with a large 1.5" outlet on top for the breather filter, but the baffling is pretty lackluster (just two metal "flaps" located right below the outlet) and since it's a universal fit can the mounts on the side arent very convenient for mounting either.

2.) If you dont offer the breather top cans still, do you know how much of a difference in flow there is going from a large filter outlet down to a 10AN fitting? I'm assuming it's a negligible difference since the inlets are 10AN regardless of the outlet on the can, but I'm not a fan of crankcase pressure lol.