TX2K17 Thread/chat/etc


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Oct 25, 2016
Houston, Texas
No mention of this in the regional events?
Well, lets start one.

First off, we'll be grilling Wednesday Thursday and Friday at lunch if anyone wants to come by.
Please just shout out if your coming so we have enough burgers/chicken/brauts/steaks.

Anyone who swings by will get a free track inspection and look-see to make sure you're GTG before heading down there.

We'll also be on call after hours with the shop cell phone if we need to open up the shop after hours to keep your Mexico runs on point.

We have a pile of parts/engines/etc and get 15 deliveries a day from various companies for parts-
If you need something overnight and you're out of town- send it to us, and come pick it up!
ABR Houston
C/O (whoever you are)
17545 Kuykendahl Rd Ste B
Spring, Texas 77379

We're all local on the north side, so if you need something in town, or suggestions where to eat/where to sleep/what to do, call us! 832-797-9114 is the Shop number. If you call the shop number after hours, it will let you be connected through to our flatbed specialists- PFL services. They know how to not $#% your BMW when towing it. It's the only guys we use!
For Wed-Sat after hours the number is 832 562 1926

Let us know what we can do to make your Houston visit awesome!
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