Twisted Tuning offering DME Unlocks - For Late E-Series and F-Series BMW's

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Oct 25, 2016
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N54 and N55 Cars
The DME installed in your N55 are all locked from the factory to prevent Software modification via the OBD2 port. Now thats no fun when it comes to wanting to make power.

It's your car, you spent your money on it, why should you be locked out of any part of your own vehicle. To enable OBD flashing capabilities on your E-series DME it requires being programmed on the bench and patched one time to enable this OBD2 functionality.

Here at Twisted Tuning we are able to accommodate your needs in house. This one time patch does not alter the factory programming in a performance sense. Just allows access to do such.

Price is PER DME. All DME's will need to be mailed in with VIN and vehicle information. Once your purchase for this service is made.

Shipping to and from our Facility is covered by the customer. Include a pre-paid return shipping label with your DME for shipment back to you. We use USPS, Fedex, and UPS only as shipping couriers for insurance and best tracking purposes. So return shipping label should be from one of those 3 couriers.

*****Please refrain from shipping until you receive a confirmation email from us*****

Any questions or concerns, please email us at: [email protected]


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Jan 30, 2017
Has anyone had this done yet? Is there pricing available?

Anxiously waiting, as I'm one of the unfortunate...


May 9, 2017
Rhode Island
07 e60
Hey guys, I'm planning my n54 swap here soon, this is going to be a full diy swap utilizing the motor, and all nessasery modules from a 08 535xi. From what I can gather,this whole thing looks like a pnp from one to another. I just want to get it started with the 08 electronics before I need to make the other adjustments needed for the original car. Have you guys ever done a n52 to 54 swap to this extreme? The only issue I'm not comfortable with is this msd80 ecu, mine now is the msd70, the power levels in going for are a solid 475whp with nitrous. I would appreciate any and all info that may help me. I'll be endulging my diy here in SS. Thank you.

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Feb 13, 2024
So now im trying to find out what the difference is inbetween the f chassis and e chassis dme because I would like too put an S55 into an E92 that came with an N55 so I would like it to function like factory maybe not perfectly but its not supposed to be a daily though. Like I want people to not tell me to just buy an M4 like I specifically dont want to and I have been seriously stuck on this dream for a while now.

I originally thought everything was basically plug and play and play between the engine and chassis with the dme being where the 2 met and everything about that engine in that car other than that would take time but isint anything too crazy.

Then I reached out to a reliable source who simply said the "S55 is not a simple swap. You cannot run the S55 DME in an E series chassis." Im hoping someone else knows maybe some kind of a way around or if a simple unlock will make the 2 act the same.