Technical Supporting the engine for a subframe drop using the radiator support?


Mar 12, 2018
e90 LCI 335i
I've been asking around the internet for 2 cents about this issue but obviously you all probably have the best idea when it comes to n54 bays. This is the second support bar I have purchased from amazon as the first "universal" china-made one was made for diesel trucks. This second one is not a lot better, but it's close enough to work. I have two different setups I have been thinking of, both focused on the position of the lateral bar support. The first image ( ) puts the support on the hood latch weld, which definitely is strong enough to support the engine weight, but there is slack between the hook and the tow-eye ( I tightened the eye at an angle for some assistance, but there still seems to be 1-2 inches the engine would fall down to meet that eye ). The second one ( ) has no slack at all but relies on placing the support on the plastic hollow radiator support, which is what a mechanic friend of mine advised. I only have a week to work on the car during my vacation otherwise I would have to wait another 2 months to try this again, so I really don't want to fuck this up.


Jun 17, 2018
The radiator support is a plastic/metal composite. It's not intended to support a ton of weight. Sit on it once, see it move, you trust that with engine weight and you below? I wouldn't.