Reverse working high beams after RHD to LHD conversion


New Member
Jun 13, 2020
2015 F32 435i
Just looking for more info on how I can fix this issue.

The highbeams on my car work in reverse. When the cluster indicator is OFF and the lights are ON the highbeams are ON aswell.
When I turn on the highbeams the light in the cluster comes ON and the highbeams go OFF.

When I turn on the highbeam assistant when it turns the highbeams ON they are OFF and when it turns them OFF they go ON.
I cannot use highbeam assistant and always have to look out for the automatic lights to turn on so I can turn my highbeam off.

Car is a 2015 F32 with following options:
S522A Xenon Light
S524A Adaptive Headlights
S5ACA Highbeam assistant

I took the RHD headlights out and switched them for LHD headlights. I changed all modules from the original headlights to the new headlights. One was broken, dealer replaced it and coded it. Everything works fine except the high beams.

Anybody got a clue on how to solve this issue? Is it something that has to be coded different?