M4 RB Turbo "RB2's", finally got the car on a dyno


Dec 14, 2016
Hudson, WI
About a year ago I put RB2's on my 2016 F82, and had it tuned by Steven @ Wedge. The modifications have come slowly & methodically, my goal being ~650 rwhp. Prior to the turbos & additional fueling, the stock turbos plus intercooler upgrade & downpipes made 566 hp / 493 tq on the same Dynocom dyno I used a couple days ago.

I had rbturbo.com Next Gen Plus parts on my previous xdrive E92 and it was a beast. And I need to say that the experience dealing with Rob has been very good - he has been a good resource and a great vendor.

  • Agency Power intakes
  • RB2 turbos
  • MHD
  • Wedge E85 tune & AIC 1 map
  • xHP
  • VRSF downpipes
  • VRSF charge pipes
  • VRSF intercooler & heat exchanger
  • Vargas spline lock crank hub solution
  • Precision Raceworks stage 4 LPFP, fuel lines & FPR
  • BMS J pipe with BOV
  • EOS intake manifold
  • EOS port injection w/560cc injectors
  • AIC 1 PI controller
  • NGK 95706 plugs @ .022 (just put these in, need to gap down a bit as there's some big end breakup)
  • New OEM coils
  • New O2 sensors

I wasn't able to get a log while on the dyno, this log was taken the day before.

Even with the car in dyno mode, it didn't want to go over 4k RPM unless ISTA was used to read and clear codes. Then it was good for 1 pull and we had to use ISTA again, even with no codes. Anyone else experience this?

The car made 671 hp / 645 tq uncorrected & 701 hp / 674 tq corrected. Does that qualify for the 700 hp club? :cool: I'm not sure how Dynocom stacks up against the likes of Dyno Dynamics, Mustang or Dynojet, and at the end of the day it doesn't matter - a dyno is a tool.

The +100 hp is on par with what RBTurbo advertised, the +150 tq most definitely generates some smiles (and the occasional "holy crap" from my wife). And it's way too easy to spin the 305 PS4S's.


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Aug 16, 2020
2008 535i
Nice build.

I can't imagine what driving that must be like with 700hp.

I don't even know what my fat e60 is putting out with the RB ones I recently put on and she's a handful.