Praising My Bimmer Brain


Jun 20, 2017
08 135I
I’m here to praise Mark from (My Bimmer Brain) he’s gone above and beyond for me this past year. He is the “The real BMW Genius”. In July, I had him unbrick my OBD computer through my laptop (screen sharing). He also activated a few options that I didn’t even know were available. Mark is also a certified BMW Master Mechanic as well, and he’s trained many other techs on ISTA-P, ISTA-D and INPA.
Back in July, I replaced the injectors on my E82 135i. I hired Mark to calibrate the injectors and he did so very quickly and on short notice too. After replacing them I encountered a bad stutter at 3,000 rpms every time I accelerated with the JB4. I took it to a local mechanic and he couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So, I attempted to fix it myself, and of course not being amechanic I failed miserably. Not only did I waste time and money at the local mechanic. I tried fixing it on my own on the weekends for 2 weeks. I drove to and from work not going above 3,000 rpms for quite some time.
I then reached out to Mark to get his advice as to where to go from here. He scanned my car with ISTA and found the problem within a half-hour. Car was throwing a sporadic fault due to my JB4. From there he did a Test Plan and was able to pin point that injector 4 wasn’t installed correctly. From there, I re-installed Injector 4 and since the car has ran perfectly. Mark is the man and I’ll leave it at that. If any of you guys need coding, programming, diagnosis or a Navigation Update. Please contact Mark at the following links below.
Email: [email protected]