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Oct 18, 2016
2009 E93 335i
You actually came in here to read the rules, huh? In that case, I don't suspect you'll be any trouble, or you've already caused some... Either way, just don't be an ass hat, no spamming or trolling or any other illegal behavior.

We are sensitive to immaturity, childish behavior, excessive meme speak and other behavior which if you insist on doing, I know a couple other forums where that stuff is welcome. Please report any potentially offending posts.


You may advertise your products and services in relevant forum sections. Please contact @admin @doublespaces or use the contact form at the bottom to declare yourself as a vendor if you are not already listed as one. Vendor status is currently free, so long as I can maintain the site within my free time.

Vendor threads automatically require replies by other vendors to be moderated. So if you are a vendor and respond to another thread also created by a vendor, it will not be visible unless it is approved.

Vendor's are also restricted from using negative post ratings, besides, we prefer you use positive notations instead!

You may like, dislike and otherwise notate your feelings using the built in post rating system present on the bottom right area of every post. This rule is being implemented to deter vendor on vendor trolling and arguing which only result in negative impressions on both parties and is simply a waste of time and bandwidth.

Vendors should avoid going beyond basic disagreements among each other within threads started by non-vendors. If you have a point to express, please create your own thread or contact the other party directly by a forum conversation at the top of the page or other means.

These rules are subject to change at any time.
Not open for further replies.