Plug and Play EKP Active Cooling Kits Are Here!


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Aug 23, 2018
09 535i With xDrive
E9X and E6X EKP Active Cooling PNP kits are here!

These kits are designed to remove heat from your EKP module, especially for those of us using larger-than-OEM fuel pumps.

The kits are easy to install and use your existing 20 amp cigarette lighter circuit as a power source, so the fan will only turn on when your ignition is on.

E60 Kit Installation Video

We also offer DIY kits for those who want to wire their cooling solution differently or to use the cooler housings in a platform that we don't yet offer a PNP kit for yet. (F10/F07/F11/E88/E89/E81/E87 PNP kits coming soon)

Also, if you want to do something completely different than what we offer, the STL file for both housings for free!

Testing Data:
We're still working on getting more data for different scenarios and looking to work with others that are using different fuel pumps so that we can see a wider range of data. We're located in Central FL, so the trunk temperature does get quite hot, even when parked in the garage. With initial testing, we've seen an average of around a 25° - 30°F temperature drop inside the case with the cooler case and fan on vs the stock housing. I am working on getting more data and more testing scenarios that I hope to get compiled over the next few weeks.

Using a thermocouple data logger with an in-case probe positioned over the motor controller, we were able to get the following data:

Stock Case:
Ambient Outside Temperature: 93°F
Trunk Temperature: 118°F (Initially)
EKP Idle Temperature Stock Housing (20 min average): 130°F
EKP Mild Driving Temperature Stock Housing: 138°F
EKP at 100% after mild driving (using INPA) Stock Housing: 152°F

Cooler Housing With Fan:
Ambient Outside Temperature: 90°F
Trunk Temperature: 115°F
EKP Idle Temperature Cooler Housing Fan On: 115°F
EKP Mild Driving Temperature Cooler Housing Fan On: 119°F
EKP at 100% after mild driving (using INPA) Cooler Housing Fan On: 128°F

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