1. foulnews

    Plug and Play EKP Active Cooling Kits Are Here!

    E9X and E6X EKP Active Cooling PNP kits are here! These kits are designed to remove heat from your EKP module, especially for those of us using larger-than-OEM fuel pumps. https://www.arcterminator.com The kits are easy to install and use your existing 20 amp cigarette lighter circuit as a...
  2. Snelson3003

    Stage 2 LPFP and EKPM3-DE Module Issues

    Hey Guys, Some of you may know this already or this maybe the first you have heard: Using a Fuel-It! Stage 2 Pump requests a larger amount of draw from the PWM system to modulate fuel flow in tank to pressurize the HPFP. This is the EKP module that does this based upon PWM, load and RPM. The...