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Mar 17, 2020
just bought 2012 BMW 550i m sport 128k, was running fine, a week later, i had a misfire twice on cylinders 4,5 and 6 ,parked it turn it off and everything is fine , then i took it to a beamer mechanic, he said i need to replace , plugs , coolant vent hose, 2 turbo coolant feed lines and 2 crankcase ventilation hoses , he stated that they're worn out and small leaks are detected, job is around 1500 for everything , he reset the check engine codes and i drove away in a grandma fashion to ensure no misfires while waiting on parts to arrive in a day or two, took it the next day and parked while running , was running for around 10 min in idle, drove off normal and a billow of white smoke went out of the tail pipe , i took it home, parked it, waited an hour, turned it on again rough start but it started , then ran in idle ok for 5 minutes suddenly white smoke starts coming out of the pipes in small amounts but if you press on the gas much more will come out, im hoping what he is repairing will solve the issue , any ideas?


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Aug 11, 2017
E89 Z4 35i, F10 535d
What city state do you live in? You need a referral to a mechanic that has experience working on these cars.