P2abc Limp mode nightmare. Please help!!


Nov 21, 2016
Background info: Been a long time lurker, and have been secretly tinkering away at a single turbo project of mine.

Engine: Spa Single turbo bottom mount manifold
6266 single scroll turbo
Tial 44mm MVR wastegate
Mac Solenoid from Docrace
ER Cp & Forge DV
BMS catch can (will be revisiting this setup to properly
accommodate ST)
ADE oil cooler thermostat
ADE Hot side Engine mount to clear **
Vrsf 7" Intercooler
Fuel it LPFP Stage II (Will be revisiting as well)

Tuning: Twisted Tuning via MHD

Install was ok as i did everything in my garage on jackstands. I pretty much babied it on surface streets and kept getting the code P2abc which sends it into limp mode.

So far, I checked all my vacuum hoses and connections. All vacuum hoses are new by the way so i don't think they're the problem.

-Checked the n20 tmap sensor and even ordered and installed a replacement, reset adaptations but the code is still persists.

-Switched the mac solenoid connection to the other available wire connector and nada.

-reflashed the car with the tune Justin sent, and nothing.

I'm thinking the mac solenoid might be bad. Is there a way to test this and please for the love of God someone point me in the right direction as I'm losing my mind right now. Thanks in advance.