OBD Flash Tune From Active Autowerke **No ECU REMOVAL REQUIRED**

Mike @ XPH

Platinum Vendor
Nov 18, 2016
Las Vegas

Can be done from home with the use of the Simon Cable.

You still have the option to send your ECU to Active direct if you do not wish to purchase the Simon Cable.
Key Features:
-OBDII Flashing With Simon 3 Cable
-Big Turbo Support -Up to 150whp Horspower gains throughout RPM range 93 octane
-Higher torque over factory settings through RPM range
-Recallibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive part throttle transition
-Recallibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive power delivery
-Modified Vanos camshaft remapping
-Available "Burble" Maps ZCP, GTS and Custom
-Free tech support and assistance
Additional Options
-Cold start delete
-GTS Startup Roar
-Stage 1 or Stage 2 maps for 91-93 octane created on our in house dyno.
-Off Road Only Downpipe Map
-Burble Option
-Open Exhaust valve mode
-Tuner code removal
Performance Specs:
  • Stage 1 60+whp - 64wtq
  • Stage 2 100+whp -110 wtq