Not hitting wastegate


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Jul 20, 2023
Recently swapped out the motor on my single turbo 335i after swapping the motor I changed my jb4 out for a reflex + with Mhd. After flashing the reflex and loading the Mhd tune I take the car out for a log and it’s only hitting 10 psi but I have a 14 psi spring. It has a turbo smart wastegate with the red 14 psi spring have previous logs on the old motor making the full wastegate. I’ve checked for leaks with a smoke tester seeing nothing and I never took the wastegate off the manifold when swapping so I know that’s not the issue. Any ideas will help thanks. I attached the log below.


  • 2023-07-17 15_14_17 IJE0S WBAPM73559A367581_ije0s _Jarge_ST_3port_rflx_e85_v1.1.mhd.csv
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