N54 Next step with my E89 Z4 - fuel supply


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Oct 15, 2023
Thanks, but I already have a POD installed on my car.
What is your experience with the POD?

I actually had Helix, but sold that before installing to my car. Now I bought that PFS POD from Neg89. :laughing: I will also install Walbro 535 + inline filter with upgraded fuel lines (remove HPFP filter) when I get the car in the spring (April I think, I'm from Finland). I currently have Walbro 450 which has so far been OK. And I have another ekpm3 with thermal pads, heatsinks and fan ready also.

Other thing was that I was planning to replace the in tank regulator/filter unit as the original has almost 170tkm. Did you use the PR top hat you mentioned earlier? That would still require pressure regulator right?


May 19, 2020
The POD has worked flawlessly thus far, a bit noisy on start up for a short time but I've gotten used to that. I recently installed an ET3 stage 4 EKP along with a Walbro 535 in the tank as I am tuning on pump gas right now. Future plans will include another 535 in the tank, the PR top hat, external filters and 1:1 rising rate FPR.