Need advice on wheel fitment & tire sizes on Z4 e89..


Nov 28, 2019
2010 BMW Z4 35i
Hey guys! So, I'm getting 18" 8.5 30+ in front and 18" 9.5 22+ rear..

From what I understand, the front should be pretty flush. The rear should be aggressive and stick out a touch, which means I'll have to adjust camber/roll the fenders and modify the wheel well lining. Is my knowledge sound? I've gotten varied responses on stock wheel offsets for the e89, so I'm here to get a solid understanding on what I should do. Should I just suck it up and get 35+ in the rear? I wanted the wheel lip to be larger which is why I want the 22+ offset..

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and have a great day
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Mar 10, 2018
European, based in China
Z4 N54 DCT
As I remember my 9J et30 are pretty flush rear with -15mm ride height (eibach pro springs) and maxed out camber (less than -2deg). But if running wide tires, there is a tiny bit of rubbing.

My 9.5J et40 wheels are not as flush. Here's a picture from today where the rear wheel was raised a bit due to uneven surface.


If running a wide tire, it will only just clear the outer inside fender. So there is space for a wider wheel, but not a wider tire without fender mods. I currently run 265 ad08r which is much wider than for example ps4 265.

I plan to go 10J et40 next time I buy wheels, because then I can run square 10J with a 12mm spacer up front on track. This setup requires -3deg camber front, and I cant use full steering. But it would be flush and clear my damper.
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