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Nov 14, 2016
North Wilkesboro

Personalized Maps:
When driving your car no matter what mods you're running, sometimes it's best to have multiple maps. Having variety is a goal here at MoorePerformance! We want to make sure no matter the situation you are in, you have an option to make it better! Running maps for 93 vs E85 at different blends, or completely one or the other always should have different maps to make sure you're getting the most out of your car and, your car is always running how it should!
My personal N54 has about 10-15 maps to choose from for this reason, I'm always prepared for the worst days, and most importantly the best days!


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Customize Your Packaging:
Use the options here as a helping hand to make sure you get the most out of your purchase! No matter the combination, the service applies the same.
For instance, In the case that you were interested in a themed map but, you already have chose to get two personalized maps. You still have the option available to do so! Make sure you get what you want! That's the end goal on our side! Take your time and decide!

Themed Maps:
Driving to and from work, Long trips, or other tasks that don't require lots of load on the engine
  • Smoother driving behavior and decreased power across the board to help keep the fuel consumption of the engine low
  • Overall idle operations changed to allow the engine to reset easier and, consume less fuel when standing still
  • Boost limited heavily to keep the engine from consuming more fuel
  • Valve timing changes introduced to allow more flow during operation and better warm up \ cool down behavior
  • Decreased torque requests as well as throttle remapping
It is advised to not have extended periods of WOT behavior on this map due to possible conflicts with the engines existing systems

Same situations apply from Economy but, the goal is no longer fuel economy but, low engine stress
  • Slightly more aggressive driving behavior
  • Optimized start-up / cool down behavior
  • Ideal throttle mapping as well as torque requests
  • Ignition timing tables optimized for standard driving behavior
  • Boost & Air-Fuel Ratios optimized for lower gas consumption with balanced power

Designed to allow you to use almost all the potential of the car’s engine without taking away a lot of drivability / reliability

  • More aggressive overall driving behavior
  • Optimized warm-up and cool down behavior
  • Slightly more aggressive ignition timing tables
  • Boost limit increased
  • Air Fuel Ratios optimized to benefit performance
  • Valve timing revamped for optimal during aggressive driving
  • Torque limits increased
  • Throttle mapping re-worked to allow for more accurate power demand based on pedal input

Overall this is the most performance based tune to maintain drivability for track use / racing. This is not a map meant for daily use. Drivability and Reliability of running this map will be dependent on the driver and mods
  • Intensive driving behavior
  • Optimized warm-up / cool down operations specifically for aggressive driving
  • Air Fuel Ratios optimized to benefit performance
  • Very Aggressive Ignition Timing mapping during WOT and Spool events
  • Boost limits are raised to the hardwares potential
  • Valve Timing remapped for optimal spool behavior and maximum flow in boost
  • Removed Speed Limiter
  • Throttle mapping re-worked to be as aggressive as possible
  • Removed Torque Limits (May vary depending on transmission)
It is advised to not have extended periods of WOT behavior on this map due to possible conflicts with the engines existing systems and, possible damage to the engine.

This is where things get tricky. Optimized every aspect of the engine management system that is available be used to squeeze every drop of performance out of the vehicle. This map is designed for delivering the maximum amount of performance out of your vehicle and will take away overall drivability. Map is meant for drag strip operations and, it is highly recommended to allow the engine to cool down after each pull

  • Insane driving behavior
  • Optimized cooling targets
  • Valve timing changes to allow as much flow as possible
  • Removed Speed Limiter
  • Removed Torque Limits (May vary depending on transmission)
  • Throttle mapping optimized for straight line performance
  • Extremely aggressive Ignition Timing
  • Boost limits are raised to the hardware's potential
It is HEAVILY ADVISED NOT to have extended periods of WOT behavior on this map due to possible engine damage over extended periods of time!

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don detta

Nov 2, 2016
Northern Virginia
2009 E90 335i lci
Any info on previous customers cars you worked on? I'm planning to take the Jb4 off the car that came with it installed and moving to mhd.