Much needed BMW M3/M4 Jb4 Install DIY + Review

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Nov 18, 2016
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Description and video copied from BMW DIY Guy
Check out his youtube channel
This is the full installation video for the Burger Tuning JB4 module, including the bluetooth adaptor and ODBC cable run.
Thank you again to the excellent customer service from Mike of Extreme Power House, and his fantastic company!
Product link:
The installation is into a 2016 BMW M4 F83 with the automatic transmission, which makes it a little easier than a manual. NOTE: If you DO have a manual transmission, watch the guide I posted for the F32 JB4 installation, which will show you how to properly route the OBD cable through the firewall.
The installation is really straight forward if you work carefully and take your time. Let me stress again here as I did in the video: ALWAYS disconnect your battery before doing this work! DO NOT have the battery connected, as you can damage your ECU, JB4 or both!
I will also show how to attach the bluetooth module to the JB4 box so that is setup properly. I cannot recommend more highly getting the BT module and mobile app. While it isn't cheap, it gives you an amazing range of tools to work with your car, not just the benefit of reading codes and resets. Absolutely worth it.
I also recommend running on map 1 to start, until you have a greater sense of what the maps mean for your setup and have read the information on those settings thoroughly. The maps 2 and above are for different modifications, fuel combinations and a number of other things. Refer to the n54tech dot com forums for information and configuration advice.
Required parts and tools:
JB4 with bluetooth module
10mm socket
13mm socket
small pick tool or flat bladed screwdriver
electrical tape or heat shrink
Torx bit set and driver
JB 4 Mobile android or iPhone app installed (HIGHLY recommended)
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