Mission Performance Flash Tune, along with other goodies...


Nov 19, 2016
Houston, TX
14 535i, 13 X3 35i
I decided it was time to pull my intake manifold and send my DME to Alex @ MissionPerformance to have it bootloaded. I pulled it out Monday night, and FedEx overnighted it to Alex for Weds arrival. Alex got it flashed and overnighted it back to me Thursday, and it showed up yesterday.


This morning I bolted it back to the intake manifold, and reinstalled it in the car.


While I was in here I decided to go ahead and install the FTP charge pipe and AFE intake that I bought.

The FTP charge pipe fit great once I got it in position, but it was unreasonably difficult to get the oring on the throttle body flange to snap over the throttle body flange and into place. I ended up having to take the throttle body off the intake manifold, place it on my tool box and bear my full body weight down onto while rocking the charge pipe side to side before it finally pressed over the lip and down into place. No way that puppy is leaking anyway!

The AFE intake was much more straight forward, although for the price of the thing I'm really not impressed with the fit, finish or overall quality. It looks nice installed however, and whatever gains it actually provides may be nice... but some things about it I just don't like.


With everything buttoned up I took the car for a test drive. Even driving gingerly in comfort mode until the oil was up to full operating temp I could feel the difference.

Once it came up to temp I kicked it into Sport+ mode. Available torque upon request when buried behind gearing chugging along in 7th or 8th is really most impressive. A gentle tip of the throttle and without even downshifting the torque Sport Display that Alex rescalled instantly jumps to 300-350 and then rolls up to 400. Before you realize it you're going way too fast, all the while tolling along at ~2000rpm.

From a dead standstill there is still a delay as the turbo spools, then it wails you back in the seat, the 285mm Michelins screeching for a foot hold against the asphalt. This is easily negated by taking off from a standstill in Launch mode at ~2500RPM or so which spools the turbo for a neck snapping jump off the line.

Its hard to quantify just how much quicker the car is at this point, but its definitely there. The low end grunt is awesome.

I'm hopefully sending a core turbo unit off to Pure in the next week or two, when that gets back I'll toss that in and it should carry that low end grunt further through the RPM range.

Crickets up in hurr....

This evening I got to thinking and decided I wanted to take the car our for a cool(ish) evening run. I also thought that it might be interesting to see how the car would take to an E85 blend.

I checked the cluster for the exact fuel tank liters and then ran the math for how much E85 I had to add to the tank to net E30.... they went to the nearest station I know with E85 to do it.


I know I mentioned that Alex rescaled the Sport Displays, but in doing so it also bumped up the scaling on the 6WB Kombi as well. Nice. From 320HP to 400HP.



I never asked Alex how the tune would work with E30, but it seems to respond well. I drove chill for about 5 miles in comfort by even with the slightest tip of the throttle the car wanted to take off and the Torque Sport Display rapped out. :lol:

After those 5 miles I decided the fuel should be adequately blended from sloshing in the tank, and run into the lines.

The car pulls so damn hard in 1st now, and punches you in the chest back against the seat into 2nd. Amazing what just a little more octane will do. This is my first experience with corn juice and I have to say verrrrryyyyynnniiiiccee.

I had a hard time taking a picture of the Sport Displays under load, this was the only picture that came out. The Horsepower gauge peaks at about 380-390HP, a bit higher than indicated, and the Torque gauge pegs out and stays there now.


I am going to try to dyno the vehicle to get an idea of where it is now before I install the Pure Stage1 turbo, ER Downpipe, and Mission Performance Stage2 tune... then go back to the same dyno for an after.

Here is what I'm seeing on 93/E85 blend with DashCommand


I'm running a ~E30 blend all the time now. I found that for whatever reason I was having detonation even with 93 octane on the tune. I did some real time data logging and saw the DME was pulling timing through the turbos efficiency range, often times severely. I mistook it as spark blowout initially but even after gapping the plugs down it didn't go away.

Putting some E85 in the tank eliminates the problem, and the DME gives me nice timing advance throughout the RPM range now. The car is night and day different on 93 vs. E85 blend (~E30)

My car is perfectly happy with net E30. It has no issues and lots more power. Only downside is cold start is lumpy for the first minute or so as E85 is harder to burn when cold. It clears up quickly though, not really an issue.
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