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Oct 18, 2016
2009 E93 335i


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    Alpine White
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    Black Sapphire Metallic ($550)
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    Glacier Silver Metallic ($550)
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    Misano Blue Metallic ($550)
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    San Francisco Red Metallic ($550)
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    Frozen Grey II Metallic (3,600)
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    Standard Black soft top
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    Moonlight Black soft top ($250)

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    18" M Double-spoke orbit grey wheels, style 798M with perf non run-flat tires
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    19" M Double-spoke orbit grey wheels, style 799M with perf non run-flat tires $600
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    19" M Double-spoke jet black wheels, style 799M with perf non run-flat tires $600
  • 26142
    19" M Double-spoke cerium grey wheels, style 800M with perf non run-flat tires $600

Driving Assistance Package
Peace of mind behind the wheel: that's the promise of BMW's driving assistance technology. Enjoy the benefits of Active Driving Assistant, including Daytime Pedestrian Protection, Frontal Collision Warning w/City Collision Mitigation, and Cross-traffic alert rear. For vehicles equipped with Navigation, Speed Limit Info is additionally included. This package also adds Active Blind Spot Detection and Lane Departure Warning.

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  • Lane Departure Warning

    This system monitors road lane markings using strategically placed cameras. It vibrates the steering wheel when the vehicle begins to move across a lane marking without the turn signals activated.
  • Active Driving Assistant

    Active Driving Assistant is comprised of active safety features such as Daytime Pedestrian Protection, Frontal Collision Warning w/City Collision Mitigation, and Cross-traffic alert rear. All provide varying degrees of automated braking assistance based on speed conditions. Vehicles equipped with Navigation also get Speed Limit Info – posted speed limits appear on the instrument cluster display. NOTE: This feature is not a substitute for the driver's own responsibility. The driver decides whether and how the system is used based on road, traffic, and visibility conditions.
  • Active Blind Spot Detection

    OK to change lanes? A radar sensor monitors the area around your BMW and triggers an illuminated triangular LED light in the exterior mirror to warn you that there’s a vehicle in your blind spot or approaching at a high speed. If you then start to cross lanes, you will feel a slight vibration in your steering wheel - a secondary caution to remain in your lane.
  • Park Distance Control

    Park Distance Control uses ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear bumpers to help you judge the distance to other vehicles and unseen objects when parking. The system uses an audible warning that is simultaneously presented visually on the BMW iDrive display. It beeps faster the closer you get to an object, turning into a constant tone.
Premium Package
Show off the premium persona of your BMW with exclusive features that reflect a perfect balance of design, innovation, and luxury. Heated Seats enhance your comfort in cooler climates, while the Head-Up Display projects vital driving information right in your line of sight. Plus, stay connected to your digital life with WiFi Hotspot and Wireless Charging for your compatible smartphone.

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  • Wireless Charging and WiFi Hotspot

    Wireless phone charging tray. This feature adds WiFi hotspot with 3 month / 3 GB trial.
  • Head-up Display

    The Head-up Display projects a multi-color image that seems to float beyond the windshield, just below your line of vision. It allows you to monitor preferred travel information, BMW Navigation system directional arrows, Infotainment Functions, Check Control data and more - without taking your eyes off the road.
  • Remote Engine Start

    Using the vehicle key from a distance of approximately 100 to 230 feet, or the BMW Connected App, remotely start the vehicle and activate heating and cooling features. You'll always be ready to go, regardless of outside temperature.
Executive Package
Take your drive to the next level. A powerful combination of Adaptive Full LED Lights and Automatic High Beams provide better visibility at night. In the cabin, enjoy the ambiance of gorgeous Ambient Lighting coupled with supple Vernasca Leather upholstery and the supreme quality of a Harman Kardon Surround Sound System.

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Cognac Vernasca Leather w/contrast stitching/piping
  • Automatic High Beams

    Driving at night is easier than ever when your BMW is equipped with Automatic high beams. A camera sensor in the rear-view mirror registers vehicles in front of you, oncoming traffic and the quality of road light, and automatically switches between high or low beams, as needed. This adds to your comfort by not only maximizing visibility, but also eliminating the need to dim the lights manually.
  • Ambient Lighting

    Enhance the ambience of your vehicle with beautiful, practical lighting, inside and out. Proximity illumination in the outer door handles welcomes you at night. Inside, a soft glow runs along the inner door ledge, from front to rear. Interior lighting also includes rear reading and footwell lights, illumination of the front center armrest storage compartment, indirectly lit door pockets, and exit lights.
  • Adaptive Full LED Lights

    LED headlight technology used for both high and low beams, as well as the distinctive BMW twin headlight design, make everything on and along the road easier to see. Combined with the Adaptive feature, at speeds up to 35 mph the headlights swivel to follow bends in the road based on your steering wheel motion.
  • Harman Kardon surround sound system

    Harman Kardon® surround sound system with 408-watts. This 12-speaker sound system includes 5 tweeters (2 tweeters with "Harman Kardon" designation in the mirror triangles), 5 midrange speakers and 2 central bass speakers located under the front seats. This multi-channel system makes the car's cabin a colorful sound experience.
Safety Options

  • Park Distance Control - $200
  • Active Cruise Control - $1,200
  • Parking Assistant - $400