Legit bank safe


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Oct 25, 2016
Houston, Texas
No joke, came out of the Chase bank downtown in Houston.
1/2" stainless body.
1/2" stainless doors.
Stainless draw bars and mechanisms.
1/4" stainless shelves that are adjustable.
This is from the 50's. Real 'Murica stuff here. No short cuts. All hand crafted with pride.
It's a used safe. Its gonna have some knicks and dings.
I've painted the inside and out with flat battleship grey, and stripped the doors to show the Stainless, but they have some blemishes.
Weighs about 1500lbs, made by Mosler Safe company- same guys that built Ft. Knox.
No fire rating, and yes- this is undoubtedly the strongest safe you'll encounter vs. store bought crap.
Combos can be set to your specification, locks are Lagard or S&G or Diebold. Good stuff, not garbage.
Replace safe of this caliber would be 10-15K.
2200 plus freight, which I have extremely good rates on. I can palletize and ship in 24 hours.
Located in Houston, can deliver locally for a fee.
Can load into or onto a trailer or truck as well (forklift and other ways)
I have about 15 or so of these in various sizes and body thicknesses
Will trade for items of interest.