JB4 Equipped VTT G80 613WHP - 11.54@129

Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
Well, the G8X race begins! As it sits now VTT currently has the highest WHP at 613WHP/586WTQ, the quickest and fastest G80 M3 at 11.54@129MPH. First into the 7's 60-130 at 7.96 secs. (100-200 6.67). All this thanks to the Special sauce from Terry over at @burger_tuning This is running Jb4 with a custom map 6 tune on E30 fuel, and our VTT crankcase breather, outside of that car is dead stock. The car has a 10 in it with a proper launch, except it's basically impossible to launch without some serious tires. We took the 305/30/19 Mickey Thompson ET Streets off our A90 Supra and put them on the car, and even those just went up in smoke unless using launch control which after you do once you have to wait a pre-set amount of time before it will activate again (this is really dumb BMW). We are happy with these results and look forward to getting some stickier rubber on it, and taking it to the strip. We will be running it 1/2 mile at Shift Sector this weekend! if you have a new S58 that's can't be tuned do yourself a favor and grab a JB4 STAT! Video is here on our Facebook:


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Stock Vs Map 6 613WHP.jpg