Is it gonna live or is it gonna spin (the rod bearings)


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Apr 7, 2024
Hi all,

I've been hot lapping my n55 (M135i 2014) in the past 2 years and, as everybody else that reads about this engine, worried if I'm gonna spin a rod bearing anytime soon. Recently I installed MHD to log data during my sessions, and the result can be seen in the video below

Car setup:

MHD stage 0 running 102 RON E25
Cat delete + FMIC
Street tires on 8,5" all round
Motul 8100 5w40 1L overfill

As expected, oil pressure drops on hard braking, my questions to you folks are:

Is the MHD oil pressure gauge or absolute? When turn off the car it still reads ~ 1 bar.

If absolute, then the minimum in the video Would be 1.4 bar, right? How bad is this? Worth getting the S55 already?

Thanks for helping a allways concern geared.


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Apr 11, 2024
N55 would be so perfect for the track if it came with the revised oil pump in the m235i, I’d be scared to take mine to the track without the s55 pump conversion , if only they would have came w it stock there wouldn’t be SOOOO many spun bearings on them
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