1. R

    New here! F30 335i xDrive PWG - MPPK Flash

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I have a 2013 F30 335i xDrive PWG. And I have a question. Have you ever tried to flash MPPK SWFL's without MPPK FSC? Because my question is if I can flash MPPK with ESYS and after that flash my DME with MHD so will i have MPPK without FSC then? Or i will need to generate...
  2. D

    How to extract and save custom tune for later MHD flashing?

    Hey all, hope someone can chime in Bought a used hand 1M that came with a custom tune. Am going to experiment with MHD, but would also like to keep the custom tune available in case I want to just stick with it if the OTS maps aren’t better. MHD uses a generic stock file when flashing back to...
  3. N54_XXX

    Project: RFP Stage 2 ans Stage 3 OTS Maps as Map Switch Tune

    Hey Guys, I am trying someting with the new MHD+ Suite, I want to create a RFP OTS Map Tune as MapSwitch Option RFP Stage 3 V12 will be Map 1 RFP Stage 2 V12 will be Map 2 and Map 3 will be Stock don´t have time to test it today but in the next days I will test it and do some loggs. Will...
  4. M

    MHD crackle tune on custom tune

    Hello people on Spool Street, my name is Mario. I have a beautiful stock 135i with a Custom Tune pushing around 360 wheel, and i was wondering if its possible to still run my custom tune and have the MHD crackle tune enable without any issues. If anyone have any idea on how this could work/...
  5. VenZie

    MHD stage 1 91 oct. Timing?

    So I’m running 91 oct, with Judt intake and muffler delete. For some reason my car will go to 13.7 psi of boost when targeting about 13.5 then drop to 13 psi after it holds. Aeound when this happens I also get around -3 degrees of timing correction. Why would this be? And besides that does...
  6. DreadedN54

    gfb mac solenoid bad?

    was wondering if anyone can help me out single turbo n54 GFB three controller mac solenoid used to buzz when I turn the ignition on I thought it went out so l bought a new one and it's doing the same thing not buzzing and car is only getting 11 pounds of boost but when I put a manual boost...
  7. Mondhund

    B58 M140i B58 MHD cyl timing corrections log Review

    Hello together! meanwhile I drive for a week the MHD Stage 1 on my M140i and thought that I should now take a closer look at the logs. I fill up exclusively at Shell V-Power with 100RON, so about 94oct. Enclosed now my logs, which I have recorded: with93oct stage1...
  8. My 335i E90!

    My 335i E90!

    First picture of my 335i e90!
  9. sb335xiE92

    MHD Wifi orange e-series adapter disconnects regularly

    I've been using the adapter with Samsung S7 Android v8.0 for gauge monitoring. Works great until it doesn't. Wifi disconnects after a few minutes, everytime. Reconnect, works for a few minutes, then disconnects again> Thoughts?
  10. R

    Single turbo Doc Race Motiv boost box and mac solenoid (MHD)

    Hey guys I´m new on the page, I am on the procces of making my 135i n54 09 to doc race st 6266, i have doubts about how the motiv boost box works with the mhd, and how is connected the mac solenoid to the wastegates So how do I use the MHD to control the Motiv Boost Box or does it control...
  11. BoostedE90

    How To Transfer MHD License's To IOS From Android WITHOUT A Tablet

    WINDOWS 10 METHOD This method apply's to people who no longer have a android device because it broke or is missing and/or need to transfer license's to a IOS device without a android device. MHD told me i MUST to sign in on my android device in order to transfer the license's to my Iphone's...
  12. Bigfwop

    MHD for IOS released!!!

    Thought it was a Joke at first
  13. Bigfwop

    MHD for IOS released!!!!

    Showing in the App store for Multiple chassis
  14. aus335iguy

    MHD app enhancements thread

    @jyamona said I’ll start Investigate DCT TCU Coms. Find RPM shift request routine and allow a flash time only offset to cater for different final drives On the fly Adjustable launch control for DCT cars(i dont know if the inbound enhancement is for DCT so stating it again) Set % DSC...
  15. 1

    RB1s, Wedgeperformance, E50 - Dyno and Logs attached - 455whp/488wtq

    Hey Guys, Sharing some of my mods and feedback on my 09 135i N54 AT. 140k miles :sweatsmile: 3 pulls: - 443whp/500wtq (air box lid removed) - 455whp/488wtq - 441whp/492wtq Tune: - Wedgeperformance Flexfuel MHD E50 Custom Tune Mods: - RB1s DIY turbos - RB Inlets - DPs - Fuel It Stg2...
  16. pmey335

    SIA Electronics, RPM Motorsport DME Repair any good?

    Has anyone had their ECU/DME module repaired by SIA or RPM? I keep having random misfires on idle and my headlights suddenly started going crazy after installing MHD Stage 2+
  17. spoolzone

    My N54 FBO garage build (built motor at 113k)

    I have been slacking getting around to posting on this forum, so let me give a quick synopsis of my N54 experience thus far. Almost a year and a half ago I finally found the e92 335i I had been relentlessly searching for. It was in Ga (I live in Fl), but that didn't matter to me. 6spd MT black...
  18. DaddyBoost


    This user has been asked to not distribute any software on this forum until further notice. Many claims have been made and it will take time to fully investigate. FREE CUSTOM MAPS Includes: IJE0S Stock Turbo, Hybrid Turbo, ST, and ST with BB(Boost Setpoint x RPM) I8A0S: Stock Turbo, Hybrid...
  19. 4doorbmwpower

    CPE BMW 60-120 you be the judge

    Hey guys, still refining everything I know you all dont appreciate anything without vbox, datazap, logs, fuel content, ambient pressure, curvature of the earth and everything else. again. I will get you all the data I have been going back and fourth remotely and if we get it where we want I have...
  20. Jon1998

    N54 First post, fairly new to SpoolStreet

    Whats up guys, first time posting here. I have been on spool street for a short while, have never posted but I read up on n54 posts and n54 build posts to learn about the platform. I have a 2008 E90 335i, its the first car i've bought on my own. (thanks to my e46 323i lol and a small family...