How do custom tunes work?


Sep 22, 2019
E92 335i
I've been wanting to be able to tune my car myself for a while so have been doing what I can to learn what I can when it comes to this.

From what I've seen to sort things like fuelling we need to log a run, trying to target the majority of the RPM and load cells, then adjust the fuel scalar in the cells that are out of whack. This matches things Ive seen on HP Academy when it comes to things like timing as well and also HPTuners videos.

Thing is. My car has a custom tune and all I did (and this seems to be accross the board) is log a 3rd gear WOT pull. Is there enough data in a WOT pull to be extrapolated into the rest of those tables if you know what to look for and what you're doing?
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