Help, I'm getting a code after flashing to stock, then a BEF for single turbo install.


Feb 9, 2017
2009 Z4 35i
Hoping someone can help...

I'm getting Code 29F3... DME Low fuel pressure sensor, electric...and it will not clear.
The situation is, I’m trying to make the switch from my old set up with a custom MHD only tune and MMP turbos, to a JB4 w/MHD backend flash with a new Speedtech single turbo kit on my 2010 Z4

I flashed the car back to stock with the MHD app, then I flashed a JB4 backend map for a single turbo, and now I’m getting this code that will not clear. Being that my car is a Z4, it doesn’t have a low fuel pressure sensor. So I’m wondering if MHD flashed the wrong stock map for a 335i or something and now it thinks the sensor is missing? I'm not sure what to do now...


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