Hello, new member here. I joined because of high-pressure fuel pump woes.


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Nov 21, 2023
Hello all, this is my introductory post. I am from the Virginia area and I have been trying to resolve some high-pressure fuel pump issues. I am creating this post because I have to message one of these members in here who made an interesting high-pressure fuel pump box with a regulator mounted inside of it. Currently have a slightly built but stock engine E 92, with DAW turbos. Currently I’ve swapped three high-pressure field pumps (two were used and one was from FCP euro).
My issue is that regardless of pumps, my real pressure crashes down into the double digits and will shut off, I have replaced feeling injectors with known good units, I’ll be at index 12s.

Fuel rail pressure can be good at idle but it’s always during pulls where it dips, my low pressure fuel pump stays above 60s