Fueling issues help needed


Jul 17, 2019
2012 BMW 135i
Was wondering if the collective here lend me your expertise on BMW fueling systems to help me determine if my LPFP (1 year old fuel-it 525 stag 2) is dying or if something else is going on, as well as how to check if my in-tank fuel setup is correct). Recently my track 135i (2012) has had some fueling issues(fuel rail pressure bottoming out), and in troubleshooting I ended up replacing the HPFP and installed a bypass kit for the EKMP3 module (to eliminate that overheating as a possible problem). Symptoms changed after HPFP replacement so I am pretty sure it was going out (110K old). The car now has an intermittent issue with a new symptom (2BE9 - Cylinder injection cutout: Pressure too low in high-pressure fuel system) that causes the car to go into limp mode on track. It appears is only occurring on left hand turns so maybe somehow the bucket isn’t staying filled? Not 100% sure of the correlation, but it’s a working theory based on my limited knowledge of the fuel tank component functions. To complicate things, I have the FPR replaced earlier this year but did not do the work myself so I am not sure what “right looks like” in routing all the hoses to the correct spots. Any help appreciated.

Here is a recent log with the fuel rail pressure bottoming out. https://www.spoolstreet.com/graphs/...og-2-limp-mode.20963/?series=19&zoom=-39,3925