Fuel-It FLEX FUEL KIT for S58 BMW G8x M3 M4 - Full Install!

Mike @ XPH

Platinum Vendor
Nov 18, 2016
Las Vegas

We installed the Flex-fuel kit on the shop's M4 as we are using the Jb4 with E38 ethanol mix.

I did a few datalogs with the help of BMS and used more advanced maps to make more power. Now all I have to do is keep the same mix for consistent power and reliability

I strongly recommend this kit to any customer using E85.

Fuel-It Flex Fuel Kit E85

Know your exact ethanol content in real-time via the Fuel-it! or JB4 app on your smartphone or tablet.
This complete flex fuel kit installs in under 30 minutes and reads your exact E85 mixture in the Fuel-It! smart phone app or JB4 app if equipped. Features CNC machined fittings for a quick plug and play installation with nylon sleeved stainless steel braided fuel lines for life long leak free operation.

The kit includes the following:

Genuine Continental ethanol sensor
Fuel-It! Bluetooth enabled 0-5v analyzer
Two stainless steel braided fuel lines
One wiring harness with Posi-tap connector
Supports stand alone Bluetooth operation with the Fuel-It! app
Bluetooth (iPhone or Android app must be purchased to use this feature)

This kit is compatible with the following:

2021+ S58 G80 BMW M3
2021+ S58 G82 G83 BMW M4