FBO 335d (M57) vs a CTS-V


Oct 18, 2016
I find it curious the E chassis got the M57. The information available on wiki doesn't seem right, which cars got the N57 then? It seems like the B57 is the next diesel engine to coincide with their petrol modular engine program, so it appears the diesel never go their version of the "N55"?


Nov 26, 2017
The N47 and N57 were used in the 328d and 535d as a replacement diesel option successor for the M57 after 2011 here in the US. The E90 335 only used the M57 for 3 years (2009-2011).

The M57 was also used in the E70 X5d stateside, up to 2013 IIRC

I’d consider the N57 to the N55 for discussion purposes since it was the last US option for a 535d.

The new B57 is a quad turbo set up. We won’t see this here in the US.
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