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Mar 14, 2017
We are doing everything we can to get some power to our top mount turbo F30. Making the turbo kit was the easy part I guess, that's what the shop is setup to do. Now eveything around it starts to become the bottleneck or in this case shatter into pieces when boost gets cranked up. I was only at 18psi when the stock plastic charge pipe decided to go, after taking it out I am surpised it holds stock boost. I only found one company that made a high quality replacement part and was a little shocked to see the pricetag. I figured what the hell it can't be that hard to make one pipe:D and maybe offer it to others.

I had some spare N54 charge pipe parts laying around so I went to work. Got the upper pipe almost done, just need to add meth bung, map sensor flange and a small fitting. You will be able to use your stock o-ring and retainer clip. I am not the best welder in the shop so expect way cleaner parts when it goes to production.

Question for you guys. What color is everyone into? I like the brushed look personally but there is also an option to powder coat them black or full out polished.
File Apr 11, 7 47 34 PM.jpeg
File Apr 11, 7 48 01 PM.jpeg
File Apr 11, 7 48 43 PM.jpeg
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Mike @ XPH

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Nov 18, 2016
Las Vegas
VRSF offers powder coated black
ER offers anodized black , polished and brushed

Anodized black is the best finish but it is more expensive


Oct 18, 2016
2009 E93 335i
Well I am an anodized black person simply for the durability over powder. My intake manifold is anodized black and I intend to do my chargepipe the same. The other spectrum you have are the bling folks, I say if you covered those two, then you'd be alright. I'd say, anodized and polished from a purchasing stand point. From a business standpoint, probably powder coated black and polished which is a combination not offered by your competitors.