FS F30 Rear M Performance Brake Kit for e9x 18 inch wheels and bigger $1500 plus shipping.


Apr 19, 2017
335i e93
Ok...because I am OCD...I cannot stand the slight off tone of my brand new rear M Performance brakes against the front Rotora brakes. So I am going to put the M rear brakes, rotors, calipers up for sale. I bought them for $2480 and now I am selling them for $1500 plus shipping. Losing almost $1k all because ECS Tuning has idiots listing the fronts would fit my car.

Anyways, you get the ECS 2 piece ultra light rotors for M3, the M Performance Caliper in Blue, and the pads.
Pros: already bedded and broken in so you literally only install and go. Has 22ple coating to help with dust cleaning.
Cons: Used for a few weeks.

Man, I wish I could have made the matching fronts work... But nope.

Let me know if you're interested.