F30 335i Servotronic Assist Curve (Tuning)


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Apr 14, 2020
Is there an editable table of steering assist weights on an F30 335i with EPS hydro servotronic steering?


- Steering effort is proportional to speed (weight increases with speed in my observations, and pretty much everyone else is in agreement. It's also documented officially page 33
- Toggling through the gimmick driving modes yields different curves for the above behaviour, comfort being the lightest, sport being almost passable for decent steering effort

What I want:

- Replicate steering effort of the older platforms: minimal assist at driveway speed ( it's a modern car after all) and no assist at anything over driveway speeds)
- Same settings under all the driving modes

I've been chasing this one on the forums for a while. I also own an 07 E90 328, and the valving between the P/S fluid and the hydro rack there is an absolute delight. I'm aware of all the marketing and supply/demand that BMW went through, and that driving in general is on its way out, but I'm an engineer, and I'll solve problems *while* complaining about them, so there's got to be a way to do this.

Appreciate any and all advice on the matter!