Technical Existential doubts in the process of swapping my E92


Apr 8, 2023
Good evening everyone! from Spain

I introduce myself although I have already written here, I will try to put photos these days of everything that I will tell you from now on ...

I am the owner of an E92 of which later when it is finished, I want to make a good document about its history since I have it ... But hey, let's start with the problems... hahahaha

The patient is a BMW E92 325i 3.0 N53B30, manual transmission, which after removing engine failure in the first cylinder, I propose to swap to N54B30 ...

I bought an E93 335i N54B30, automatic transmission, I have already taken out the engine, wiring, everything I need.

My problem comes when I disassemble the engine by finding surprises with the oil ... cornflakes... I discovered that apart from the hybridized turbos completely destroyed, I found the camshafts completely eroded... So I'm about to rebuild the engine completely.

My doubt comes in the following... I have bought 2 used camshafts of N54, but the exhaust camshaft is scratched, I need to know the following:

Can I use the exhaust camshaft of the N53 engine on the N54?

I know I can use the intake camshaft of the N53 on the N54, even gaining something in the process... but I don't know if I'll be able to use the exhaust one...

Any ideas with that?

And another doubt, the VANOS intake phase variable are different from the N54 and the N53. If I use the intake camshaft of the N53, which phase variable should I use, the N53 or the N54?

Very Thanks to all community <3