GIVEAWAY! Evolution of Speed $300 off any Manifold N54/N55/S55 Raffle!


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Oct 19, 2016
NOTE: You must read carefully all the information provided. If you are unable to read, you are disqualified and we suggest that you end your session with this website and turn off your computer.

Again, you must carefully read and follow ALL instructions a couple paragraphs down to be entered!


This month we are featuring Evolution of Speed as they have agreed to raffle off a $300 credit toward their Cast Intake Manifold for our monthly raffle!


Many people have heard about the EOS manifold but many don't know what actually comes included in the purchase. There are two manifold options:

  1. Base - Includes FUEL RAIL, Injector Plugs, Phenolic Spacer with extended Head Studs and 12 gaskets. 1/8 NPT Direct Port Meth taps on bottom of runners. Five utility ports with plugs and 1/4" barbs fittings. High Gloss black powder coat is standard, other colors upon request. Everything in this photo is included:

    The base kit is a completely plug an play option with an optimized design flow path over the stock manifold. Since it includes the fuel rail and injector ports, it can be easily upgraded with injectors and fuel lines later.

    Prices are:
    N55/S55: $1265.99 and $965.99 with this prize credit. S55 also requires 3 silicone hoses and clamps for the intercooler which aren't pictured at $10.
    N54: $1,349.99 and $1049.99 with the credit. This manifold requires a backing plate where the ECU goes on the other two.

  2. W/ Fueling - Same as above, but you also get PTFE smooth bore corrugated fuel lines with AN fittings, and can add 52, 72 or 95 lb/hr injectors.
More information here:

upload_2018-5-1_16-19-28.png upload_2018-5-1_16-19-43.png upload_2018-5-1_16-20-0.png upload_2018-5-1_16-20-17.pngupload_2018-5-1_16-22-58.png

Enter the giveaway by following the instructions listed below then head over to the Evolution of Speed website and take a look at what they have available!

Check them out here:

To win, you must do ALL THREE(3) things:
  1. Like the EOS Facebook Page - click here:
  2. Comment in the N5X Enthusiasts giveaway post, here: N5X Enthusiasts
  3. Participate in the raffle (located on home page or navigation). You may enter as many times as you want! Each raffle ticket is 25 credits, you earn them by posting replies(5+), making threads(10+), referrals(25), etc. If you look at the top of the page and see you don't have enough credits or you run out, the above actions will generate more. To enter the raffle, ensure you have at enough credits and visit the raffle page.
The drawing will automatically occur on the last day of the raffle month. Our system detects fake/duplicate accounts and offenders will be automatically disqualified and potentially humiliated. You may click "View Entries" to verify that you are indeed entered.


Oct 26, 2017
2008 BMW 135i
Fingers crossed for this one. This is next up on my wish list and the only thing holding me back from serious power. Integrated PI seems to be the way to go if cost isn't a limiting factor.
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