N54 e98 DI Only Fuel Scalar Workaround


Nov 5, 2016
Los Angeles
I don't think many people have tuned for e98 (@V8bait tuning VTT's car comes to mind), but for those of you that have experience tuning DI only on high concentrations of ethanol; what are you doing to fight high fuel trims with a fuel scalar already maxed out at 1.6? What workarounds are you aware of, if any? Assume all fuel pressures are solid, and injectors are new index 12's.

The obvious tools are leaning out AFR, increasing BRO, etc., but I'm curious if there are other ways to bring trims down.

I've noticed that a 3 cell scaled map often requires a significantly higher fuel scalar even if boost/fuel is the same as an un-scaled map, so I'm wondering if there are some other ways to manipulate MAF calcs that I may be missing.

Any feedback is appreciated.
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Oct 10, 2018
I'm pretty sure you can just uncheck the box in TunerPro that limits it to 1.6, see this thread:

The actual hex data in the XDF goes to 2.006 on the scalar.

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