E92 335xi- First n54 XI into the 10s

Nov 3, 2016
With only a small window of time left to get to the dragstrip, I figured it was now or never to take a crack at 10s. This has been something I’ve been chasing for about 3 years now. As I watched a few of my friends & their n54s break into the 10s (@Turbocripple, Dorsey and @[email protected]) it motivateD me, made me extremely jealous LOL, and really made me question if I should ditch xi.

I started building my current 335xi roughly about a year ago, it was a slow process, being pulled in a hundred different directions, it always seemed that my car got put on the back burner. We (Steve & I) decided to take a more simplistic approach to this build, kind of a “less is more” attitude, but also something customers and fellow enthusiasts could replicate and not “break the bank.” For that very reason we opted to stick with the stage 2 Bucketless & our DIY PI kit.

The car as it sits now:

2010 e92 335xi (daily driven for most part)
- Pure Stage 2 High Flow Turbos
- Fuel-It! DIY Platinum Port Injection w. Line upgrade & BT sensor/analyzer
- Fuel-It! Stage 2 Bucketless LPFP
- Burger Motorsports JB4 w. BT + OTS Hybrid PI BEF
- TFT Inlet/Outlets
-AR downpipes + AD-E 650 FMIC
-APEX Arc-8 17x9 + Hankook Ventus v2

The car has a bit more in it, and the 60ft can still use some work. All in all, I am extremely happy with the results, and look forward to pushing the car a bit more.

Big thank you to: @[email protected]! @[email protected] @[email protected] for all the help & Support along the way.


Oct 18, 2016
2009 E93 335i
Oh wow, I didn't even realize this was the first xi! Even more impressive