e88 chassis bent or just wonky?


Mar 21, 2017
2010 BMW E88 N54 135i
I'm a bit baffled here. I have checked, rechecked, and checked again and I cannot understand what the root cause of this problem is. When my car sits on level ground, the passenger side rear wheel arch sits about 1/2-3/4" higher than the drivers side. I am running the YCW coils with swift springs and I verified that all the perches are the same height, springs are the same height, all the mounts are seated right, etc. however the drivers side looks like it's compressed slightly more than the passenger side and I cannot make heads or tails of it. Standing back from the rear it looks like there is about 200-400lbs more weight being carried on the drivers side and the car sits at a slight angle but nothing in the suspension setup is different from left to right.

Now I'm sure many will argue that maybe my car was in an accident but I've had this car since brand new off the dealer lot and if I put the OEM M-sport suspension back in the car, it seems to level itself out. So obviously something is wrong with the YCW suspension or how it's installed in the car but I have literally removed the entire suspension, unbolted the wheel hub and rear sway bar to try to narrow down what is out of sorts and nothing looks off behind the wheel. I am running the 1M/M3 rear (and front) control arms but still using the non-M (aka stamped steel) rear lower control arms.

Everything else about my car tracks fine, doesn't pull to one side or the other, it just simply "looks" like one side is sagging. I can obviously modify the rear so the car "looks" level but I don't want to screw up the alignment if everything is tracking as it should.

I did take my car to my local mechanic who I've known for 10+ years and he even told me that "sometimes cars sit a little wonky". Maybe it's the fact it's an e88 and it's pushing 700bhp and the body is twisted from drag strip launches? Not that I've done a ton of those, but the car has been to the drag strip half a dozen times.

Is there anything I can do at home to confirm if the chassis is actually twisted? And if it is twisted, is it worth it to have a collision center hook it up to a chassis straightener?

Thanks all, sorry for all the words. I'll post up pictures later but I broke my foot and don't feel like walking outside right now.

TL;DR: Car doesn't sit "straight" but drives fine, just looks crooked and leaning to one side.