Jun 16, 2017
2009 335xi E90
After waiting over a month I finally get shitty picture of the rear bumper and notice that he didn't even drill the PDC holes. Front and rear did not get drilled. I messaged him and his plan was to just drill the holes. I told him no that is not how they should be. They should be drilled and then the bumper should be painted. So he takes them back to his backyard painter who then drills the holes and repaints/reclears. When I get them after waiting another month (2 months now) I find out that the holes are WAY to big and not even in the correct spot. They front bumper was damaged and the color wasn't even the correct color.

After discussing with Matt and his sidekick Anthony I agree to send them back because they think they can fix them. The front one I get swapped out for a unpainted front Mtech and that arrives to me without issues (because they didn't touch it). The rear one goes back to the back yard painter who says he can fix it.

After probably another month I get told the bumper looks brand new and is ready to ship back. I ask for pictures of the inside of the bumper MULTIPLE times and he refuses to send me any. He tells me it is smooth and flat and looks perfect. After realizing he must be hiding something I can do nothing but just accept them. I also purchased another M4 Front from him for a friend so that it can be shipped with my rear bumper.

When I receive them the front bumper lower left fog light grill is damaged.

The rear bumper looks like he took a buffer with 80 grit sand paper and "buffed" it. It also has chips of paint peeling and scratched. The PDC holes are not in the correct position AGAIN. The holes are TO SMALL this time. And the inside of the bumper is covered in fiberglass where he tried to repair the bumper. It looks like complete shit. After sending pictures to him and trying to dumb it down that the PDC sensors will not work because the amount of fiberglass that is on the backside is to much and the sensor doesn't even sit flush with the bumper he tells me to sand it down. He says I don't need to use the PDC bracket and that I need to glue it down. I ask for a refund or a new bumper unpainted or anything and they will not do anything to fix the shit mess they have caused.

I would never buy from these scam artists again nor would I even mention them to another person. This should be known to everyone who thinks about buying from them.


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