Beware - is a scam (aka Michael Hollingsworth)


Jun 29, 2023
E92 335xi N54, built engine
Hello everyone,

First and foremost, I've been reading the forums here for a very long time and got a lot of knowledge for my 2 cars, E92 335xi and E46 325i, so thank you for that. It's sad that this has to be my first post here, but that's just how the situation is.

Long story short: I've been having issues with my N54 regarding the injector bore ovalling. I've heard about this kit sold by and I decided to order one in January this year, along with a Helix HPFP overdrive. 1400$ in total. This is when the trouble started.

Firstly, after 2 months of waiting for a order tracking number, and trying to reach them and not getting any replies, after threating to report them to the authorities I got a reply. They firstly told me that the HPFP kit was on 60 days backorder, I said that's fine. After another month, after inquiring again, they told me a blatant lie, that it was shipped, and a few weeks after they admitted that it was not actually shipped. Giant red flag...

After almost 6 months, I asked for a refund. And guess what? They said they are having issues with their payment processor but that the transaction was initiated and so I logically I asked for proof of the transaction and since then no more reply. I've specifically said that if they fail to reply with any information within a reasonable amount of days I will no longer be considering they are acting in good faith.

Long story short, 6 months of my car on the bench waiting for a package that I paid 1400$ upfront and is never arriving and being treated with a lack of respect and lies. The guy in question behind PPIFPR that I also talked with is Michael Hollingsworth, some of you might be aware of him and his website.

This is my experience with him and his business and I'd like to advise anyone if they want to not burn their money into thin air and get stressed for months not to buy anything from him. He is not a serious person to do business with.

P.S. I've got proof of the whole conversation, I will drop some snippets below. You can clearly see how in April he said they got the parts and are shipping them and in June that he will send them "when they arrive". Also the last refund request was asked for more than 2 weeks, initial refund request being much older, it's impossible to take this long unless he did not actually started it. :)


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Jul 15, 2018
Royse City, TX
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Dang that's a bummer man, hopefully you'll get it sorted.
I had similar issues with other companies, but never to the point of not getting a refund.