DCT Short shifting from 2nd-3rd


Jan 29, 2023
I know this post has been made but the discussion doesnt exactly talk about what solved the issue (if it was ever solved) but im having this very weird short shifting issue, granted i havent hit the throttle 100% yet, maybe a max of 40% since i want to break in my clutchpacks before WOT.

The issue is whenever im in manual mode (Ive barely driven it in D/S) ive noticed a very inconisistent forced upshift to third after shifting in second, and sometimes itll short shift to third and then short shift again into 4th. Traction control is entirely disabled (I have it so TC is turned off on startup), transmission is on a custom tune. This doesnt happen everytime i give it gas, maybe 2/5 times.
Just looking for input! Will post a video just so people know exactly whats happening later today


May 27, 2022
issue is with the tranimission custom tune the max rpm on the tune needs to be higher then the max RPM set in the DME tune. If it is lower you will get a double shift at times.