Crank no start intermittently.


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Jul 22, 2020
I have a 07 e90 335i that is having a crank no start issue that has me stuck. I have faults 2A80 intake vanos activation, 2A85 exhaust vanos activation, 2EF5 map thermostat ,30D0 wastegate 2 activation and 3100 boost pressure control deactivation . When it wont start. I have
Replaced the thermostat , waterpump, oil level sensor ,ibs and checked all grounds, connections at the dme and sensors on the bsd circuit.i have a jb4 installed and it has the same faults with it connected or disconnected.but it wont connect to the jb4 when this issue is present. I've tested the alternator with a scoop and found no issues. These all go away without doing anything and the car will start. Today the car started but I have no power at the diag port and the guage clutch is not working. My jb4 was able to communicate to the dme but I only had a boost reference. Non of the other gauges were showing any values. Please help me


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